Day to day I attempt to act from a place of love, empathy, and gratefulness. Photography is a lifestyle and a way to express myself; a way to share and capture experiences with others. It brings me happiness.

Over the years my professional development has been focused on wedding and family photography.  I make an effort for each take to integrate the smells, sounds, forms and colors we yearn to relive. Each photo I take is not just an image, every one of them is shrouded in the context of its emotions; in the time and space in which they belong. 

I am Luis, a person who feels a lot. 

Memories of enchantment

I realized it is very easy to lose our memories. The moments which we habitually experience with such intensity are registered throughout our body. Some time after that, when we remember that day, we are able to feel that same temperature, our heart beating at the same speed; our pupils dilating until they overflow. For our body to recover any instant is pretty easy, and that instant is forever ours. But what happens when we want to explain it to someone else? How can we translate every sensation we experience if most of the time words limit us? I’ve found myself in the curious situation of having to emulate gestures and move my hands and fingers in the most bizarre ways while trying to explain the feelings I had during my happiest moments. It has never worked. People end up laughing or nodding with an innocent smile that deep down hides a “What are you talking about?”. The only path that has allowed me to store, in a very precise way, the feelings that fulfilled me during the best days of my life, has been Photography. 

To capture those unique moments and place them in a fraction of time is a token of love shared in the most genuine way: the same smile of the bride, the groom, the grandmas, the siblings or any other person in front of the camera. Photos never fail; I’ve never found something so touching as the smile of a couple celebrating their golden anniversary. To look at a portrait of a loved one and remember that kiss at the altar is unbeatable. Therefore I capture those moments as I would like the happiest day of my life to be recorded and kept: with every part of my being. 



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